Flash for Higher Education

Today I did an eSeminar on Flash for Higher Education. The recording is posted here. In short, when it comes to higher education there are many training modules already built in Flash. Not only that, they are usually in controlled IT environments that are mostly desktops/laptops. In these controlled settings you can confirm that everyone has the Flash Player and thus create content for it. Which is great because the Flash Platform has a rich set of tools (see Flash Pro) and a robust language (AS3) allowing designers and developers to quickly create these training modules.

Now there are cases where HTML might work better when it comes to education modules. Say for instance, forms, quizzes, tests, simple interactive tutorials. All are served well by HTML, and I’m sure they are mostly being served that way. Now there are those cases where you really need rich interactions and an immersive experience, and even though Adobe Edge Preview will get you a good way there (allowing you to create animation/interactivity for web standards) it still isn’t advanced as Flash Professional for instance. So from an “immersive training module” perspective (read: gaming), where you’re rolling out content to controlled systems, Flash is still the way to go. In my opinion. But it’s nice to know that regardless of which technology you choose, Adobe has your back. We’ll give you the freedom to choose!

Here are my slides

Here are the source files


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