Creating a One-Page Scrollable Website with Muse


Learn how to take simple graphics, buttons, and text and give them depth and richness with scrollable effects in Adobe Muse. I will help you realize the possibilities of a one-page scrollable website—an increasingly popular site style that is both simple and elegant. Paul shows you how to add scrollable motion, animation, fades, blur, and navigation elements to your site with Muse’s design tools. Plus, learn how to add widgets like contact forms and maps, and then test and publish your one-page site.

Topics include:

  • Creating and importing graphics
  • Pinning content to the page
  • Adding scroll motion
  • Controlling the rate at which items scroll
  • Adjusting the opacity as items scroll
  • Adding Edge Animate animations that are controlled by the page scroll
  • Adding navigation and other links
  • Adding widgets
  • Publishing and tracking the site

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