Last week was a fantastic week at the Adobe MAX Conference. So many amazing speakers I wish I had the opportunity to see, but I was also doing my part. After spending 19-hours on stage I thought I’d share my slides from my various sessions and labs. By request mostly. So here they are. They might not make total sense if you weren’t there, but there’s always next year!

3D Printing 101

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3D printing with Photoshop is here! Find out how Photoshop 3D printing capabilities let you create, perfect, preview, and print your 3D designs.

3D Printing 101 Lab

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Get started with 3D printing today! With the new 3D printing capabilities in Photoshop CC, you can create, perfect, preview, and print your 3D designs.

Creating a Website from Scratch with Dreamweaver CC

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Learn how to create a website from scratch. This is a perfect session for anyone interested in getting into web design.

Designing Killer Websites and Apps Using Photoshop CC and Creative Cloud

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Hear from Evangelist Paul Trani as he describes and demonstrates the features that make Photoshop perfect for screen design.

Evolution of Interactivity and Motion on the Web

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Join Paul Trani, Adobe evangelist, as he discusses how interactivity and animation are forever entwined in the web.

Responsive Web & Mobile Experiences

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This hands-on lab offers an in-depth look at the best practices of responsive web design for designers creating web content.

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