Introducing the Adobe Creative Cloud

At Adobe MAX 2011 we announced the Adobe Creative Cloud. It is a new major initiative that really redefines the content creation process. But what does that mean? I’d like to go ahead and simplify what the Adobe Creative Cloud is.

What is the Adobe Creative Cloud?

It’s basically a subscription offering from Adobe. Starting at about $50/month. When it’s available (first half of 2012) you’ll have access to the entire Creative Suite to use as you please. Everything from Photoshop to InDesign to After Effects. Whatever you want, whenever you want. Just go to a special “hub” and download it.

And since it’s a subscription service, we’re able to push updates to the various applications so you can have access to the latest features!  Forget waiting up to a year to use a feature that was “sneaked”. Use it as soon as it’s available! Not interested? No sweat. The “box” version will still be available.

But it’s more than just a Creative Suite subscription…

You’ll get more than the Creative Suite with all the new, fancy features as they’re created. You’ll also get access to new products we’re working on, such as Adobe Edge and Adobe Muse software. Adobe Edge allows users to create rich, animated and interactive content using Web Standards. Think of it as a Flash Professional for web standards.  Muse, on the other hand, allows non-web developers to create websites as easy as creating a layout for print.

The Creative Cloud will also include the fancy new Adobe Touch Apps. Allowing you to create or “capture” inspiration as it occurs to you, wherever you are. But it goes beyond that. Check out the breakdown of the apps below. (Currently available on Android

 Adobe Photoshop® Touch - Transform images freely using core Photoshop features.
Adobe Proto - Create interactive wireframes and prototypes of websites and mobile apps.
 Adobe Ideas - Design virtually anywhere using vectors, layers, and color themes.
 Adobe Debut - Present Creative Suite designs anywhere with complete control.
 Adobe Collage - Capture ideas and concepts by combining images, drawings, and text into conceptual moodboards.
 Adobe Kuler® - Create, explore, download, and share color themes.


There are also some great services available in the Creative Cloud subscription.
  • Dropbox-like file access and storage. Create on a tablet. Access those files on your desktop for further development. Check ’em out online. Show them back on the tablet when you’re done. A total of 20GB will be available.
  • Adobe Business Catalyst. A service allowing you to easily publish from Dreamweaver or Muse directly to the web. Tracking and all sorts of good stuff available.
  • Adobe TypeKit. Use custom fonts on the web with full control on any site you want. No need to make a special font an image. That’s old school. (Normally $50/yr.)
  • Digital Publishing Suite, Single Edition. Create your own publications from InDesign and publish to the iPad! But more than just a “brochure” on a device. Add interactivity and animation without writing any code. All from InDesign!

Community & Training

There are even some things coming around community and training. Get answers to your technical questions and connect with others. Details coming soon.

Feel free to check out the FAQ for more information.


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