Pro Android Flash

My first (co-authored) book is published!  I’m very excited to introduce the Flash guide to creating apps for Android: Pro Android Flash. And it is currently in the top ten for Flash books on  it’s also available through the publisher, Apress.

Our goal in writing this book was to open up the amazing world of mobile and device development to every single developer. You no longer need to learn a custom mobile programming language or be an expert in mobile application design to write good-looking, professional business applications. We believe that in the future, handsets and tablets will just be another deployment target for application developers—and with mobile Flash and Flex technology, that future is now.

For Those New to Flash

This book starts out with a gentle introduction to the Flash tool chain and underlying technologies, and teaches the programming concepts by example. If you have experience with programming languages such as Java, JavaScript, or Objective-C then the pacing of this book will allow you to learn ActionScript and MXML while you are being introduced to Flash and Flex mobile concepts and APIs.

For Those New to Android

The Flash and Flex platform takes advantage of all the great features of Android, while insulating the programmer from having to deal with the complexities of the Android APIs and programming model. This means that with simple end-user knowledge of Android, you can be up and running as an application developer, publishing your very own Flash-based applications to Android Market.

For the Rock Star Developers in All of Us

Let’s face it—you wouldn’t pick up this book to be just another mobile developer. You want to stretch the limits of the platform, tap into features and capabilities that go beyond the average, and build apps that are impossibly cool.

We are there with you, which is why we pushed the technology to its limits in developing this book. In the later chapters of this book, you will learn how to tap into native Android features, profile and tune your application for optimal performance, and deploy to a variety of different devices beyond simple handsets.




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