Flash Developers in Demand

A recent Wall Street Journal article states that top full-time Flash engineers can command more than $150,000 a year in salary.  The article cites the rise in online, social gaming as one reason for the high demand/high salaries. The article also mentions a developer that went freelance and since then has increased his salary 150% over three years ago.

Another avenue you can take is going into business for yourself like Yoshikazu Tanaka, who is now Asia’s youngest self-made billionaire.  Yoshikazu owns a business delivering (you guessed it) Flash mobile games among other things.  I guess you can see how companies are able to pay Flash developers a pretty good salary.

The WSJ also says, “It is particularly difficult to find Flash engineers who have both an artistic and computer-science background.”  So if you’re a designer, consider honing those ActionScript chops.  And if you’re a developer then join me at the Heartland Developers Conference where I will be talking about design fundamentals for developers.  Slides to be posted later, but you should just really come to the conference.


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