Learn Flash in a Day in a City Near You

Whether you are looking to update your skills, work more efficiently in Flash, revamp your web site, or launch a new career or business, you’ll walk away with awesome new skills in the industry-leading animation authoring software!  Join me!

Getting to Know Flash

Get up and running by learning the Flash interface and then creating your first document.  From there you’ll create your first flash drawing using tools familiar to most designers, thus creating your first Flash file!

Creating Symbols & Importing Graphics

Symbols are the building blocks of Flash ,and in this session you’ll build a strong foundation using movie clips, buttons and graphic symbols.  Want to leverage artwork created in other programs?  Learn how to easily import artwork and convert to the symbol of your choice at the same time!

Creating Animations

Using your foundation of knowledge, you’ll dive into Flash’s ample ‘cool’ factor where you’ll build animations that include motion and shape tweens.  Want “out of the box” animation?  Learn how to use Motion Presets to get your graphics moving in no time at all.

Introduction to Interactivity

In this session we’ll “open the hood” of Flash and really get graphics to do what we want them to do with interactivity.  Whether it’s controlling an animation or jumping to another web site you’ll learn the fundamentals of programming in ActionScript 3, without scaring the living daylights of you!

Bringing InDesign and Illustrator Files to Life

In this final session you’ll go beyond Flash by using other programs such as InDesign and Illustrator to create Flash content.  You’ll learn how to take a file created for print and bring it right into Flash with full creative control.  Do you have content made in Illustrator as well?  Bringing graphics in from Illustrator is as simple as a copy and paste.  Leveraging all your skills you’ve learned in Flash you’re sure to make your already created designs interactive and animated!


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