Trick Out Photoshop Using Presets

As if Photoshop wasn’t robust enough, it also gives you the ability to load it up even more with creative assets known as presets. Presets are custom settings for specific tools that ultimately allow for more creativity. There are presets for many different tools such as brushes, shapes, patterns, gradients, swatches, layer styles, and even contours for adjustment layers.

There are two ways to make presets. Either create them in Photoshop, or download all the hard work someone else did in creating presets.
Creating a Custom Preset Brush

  1. Create a graphic you want to turn into a brush.
  2. Use the Rectangle Marquee tool to select a square graphic.
  3. Go to: Edit > Define Brush Preset
  4. Give it a name to add it as part of your brush presets.
  5. To customize the brush further open Window > Brushes
  6. Adjust the shape dynamics, scattering, texture, and smoothing.

Using a Preset Brush

  1. Select the brush tool.
  2. In the tool options bar (below menu bar) select the brush preset icon to expand the menu.
  3. Select the brush you just created.
  4. Paint with brush.

Downloading/Installing Presets
Want to leverage presets already created? Here’s my list of favorite sites for great presets: New!

Once you’ve downloaded the presets you want, place them in the appropriate system folder:

PC: Program FilesAdobeAdobe Photoshop XPresetsBrushes etc.
Mac: ApplicationsAdobe Photoshop XPresetsBrushes etc.
That’s it! Have fun!


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