Trick Out Photoshop Using Actions

Almost anything you do in Photoshop can be recorded as an action to be run later.  So anytime you find yourself doing the same thing over and over, think about turning it into an action.  Here’s how you make one:

  1. In the Actions panel, click the Create New Action button , or choose New Action from the Actions panel menu.
  2. Give your action a name.
  3. Click Begin Recording. The Begin Recording button in the Actions panel turns red .
    (When recording the Save As command, do not change the filename or that same name will be create each time. So, before saving, if you navigate to a different folder, you can specify a different location without having to specify a filename.)
  4. Perform the operations and commands you want recorded (because they are!)
  5. To stop recording, either click the Stop Playing/Recording button, or choose Stop Recording from the Actions panel menu.
  6. To run an action, go to the Actions panel and click on the name of the action you want to run and click play.

That’s it!  And like I said, almost anything you do in Photoshop can be recorded as an action.  And if you’re interested in taking actions to the next level, explore creating Photoshop scripts!


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