Creating a First Web Site with Flash CS4 Professional

Information on how to learn Flash is prevalent, but it can be frustrating to understand how to make an entire working web site using this unique technology. Here’s a course where I cut through the clutter and offer practical tools for creating a dynamic web site, even for first-time developers. In Creating a First Web Site with Flash CS4 Professional, veteran Flash instructor Paul Trani simplifies the process of integrating animation, video, audio, and user interactivity to create a site that is dynamic and appealing. The goal of this hands-on workshop is to teach web site-building skills for today’s demanding interactive industry. Exercise files accompany the course.

Topics include:

  • Manipulating images for the best results
  • Integrating assets from other Adobe products
  • Creating buttons with ActionScript
  • Embedding links to external web sites
  • Exploring text layouts
  • Customizing interactive contact forms

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