Augmented Reality Advertisements

The collaboration between print and online becomes more exciting every day.  MINI recently ran an augmented reality advertisement in some German publications such as Auto, Mortor und SPort and some others.  So if you have a magazine, just go to the website and hold the ad up to your webcam, and viola a 3D version of the MINI Cabrio appears on top of the ad!  Check out the YouTube video.

Don’t have those German publications?  Not to worry, here’s how to do it:

  1. Print out the PDF of the ad here.
  2. Go to the MINI website.
  3. Make sure you have the minimum system requirements ( IE6+, Vista or XP, 640×480 webcam).
  4. Click on the webcam link.

 And if you want to get even more extreme, check out the video of the virtual Dennou characters. A little risque for me but very advanced.  The first 3,000 of these sold out in 2 days. Pretty good considering it’s $100 for a plastic cube and some cards.


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